We can’t say this enough—whether you read them or not, online reviews are important to the success of your business. A survey by peopleclaim.com found that 70% of consumers consult reviews before purchasing, and 63% are more likely to buy from a company that has reviews. So how do you increase the number of online reviews for your business?

  1. Point of Sale:
    • Ask!
      • At the end of a transaction, ask your customers! It can be as simple as “Thank you so much! You can find us on X and Y. We would really appreciate it if you would let others know about your experience.” OR “We are trying to boost our online presence and would really appreciate your help. If you have a few minutes and could review your experience it would help a lot. You can find us on X and Y”
    • Cards
      • Hand out or place a small business sized card with your customer’s purchase. List the sites that you appear on, or a link to a survey. 
    • Register tape
      • You will see this a lot at restaurant chains—somewhere on your register tape provide a list of the sites that you appear on, or a link to a survey.
  2. Email
    • Send your customers an email after the fact asking for a review.
      • If you are a regular customer to a site like Amazon.com, you might receive emails from vendors after a purchase asking you to leave a review and providing a link. While not every customer will review, let alone open the link, it is definitely worth the time!
  3. Calls
    • Call your customers and ask them to leave a review.
    • This can be a “cold call”, or a follow up to an email that you sent.
    • The call can be followed up with an email including review site links.
  4. Website
    • Include direct links to each review site in your header or footer.
  5. Social Media
    • Provide links to a survey.
    • Create posts asking customers to leave their thoughts on the site.
  6. Surveys
    • Sent via email, and/or posted online
    • Gives your customers a chance to give you valuable feedback, and can connect them directly to review sites.

A few things to remember:

  1. You cannot ask customers to leave you a positive review. What you can do is simply ask them to leave you a review. Many companies will say something along the lines of: “If you had a great experience, we would appreciate you sharing it online. If you have any concerns, please let us know directly so that we can help!”
  2. Certain sites don’t allow you to ask customers directly for their reviews at all. What you can do is let customers know that you have a presence on that site.
  3. While people who had a negative experience often want to share that online, most people who have a great experience don’t think about it. By asking (and sometimes asking in multiple ways), you will increase your review numbers. 

Isn’t it time for you to start asking for reviews? The benefit far outweighs the effort. But if you can’t put one more thing on your plate, we can help! Call us any time to learn about our review services, info@canaryoffice.com or 872-222-6279.