Blogs are a great way to connect with your customers/potential customers, create social media content, and increase your website’s SEO.   Overall, blogs can promote your business and create a dialogue. If you aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry, we have a few suggestions by industry.  And remember, no one knows your business and industry like you–you are an expert in your field and have a lot to say.  So what are you waiting for?


  • Regularly feature a dish, and the story behind it
  • Unique facts about restaurant (art work, name, etc.)
  • Profiles of chefs, staff, etc
  • Highlights of special events, or special foods
  • Wine/beer/food pairings
  • The perfect foods for each season
  • Interesting facts about foods
    • Origin (“Did you know that the first pizza ever made can be traced back to…”)
    • General facts (“Gluten free food has been shown to…)
    • Information about the region where your food came from (ex: if you specialize in Southwest cuisine, talk about that area, and how that food has spread beyond the region)


  • Before and after stories (complete with pictures!)
  • Each individual service you offer (this will be multiple blogs, many of them ongoing)
    • General information about that service (everything you need to know about…)
    • Interesting facts about your service
      • Ex: a plumber might talk about most common items that get stuck in a drain.
    • How to spot a problem
    • Options that you have with a service
      • Ex: a roofer might talk about metal vs. asphalt roofs
      • Ex: someone who installs sunrooms might take several blogs and talk about flooring options, window options, materials used and why they are superior, skylights, conversion vs new build, etc.
    • Profiles of staff
    • Interesting facts about materials

Hair Studio

  • Style tips
    • By season: prom, wedding, cold weather/hat, etc
  • Hair style recommendations based on hair color, face shape, type of hair, etc
  • Styling products
    • What are the differences? Benefits? Drawbacks?
    • Ex: dry shampoo
  • Tips on how often you should…
    • Trim your hair
    • Color your hair
    • Wash your hair
    • Etc….
  • Getting ready for a night out—simple styles
  • Before and after (with pictures)
  • Spotlight on staff
  • Spotlight on trainings, certifications, etc


  • What you need to know before hiring a lawyer
  • How to prepare and make the most out of your meeting
  • Law topics: wills, divorce, etc…
  • Did you know?
    • This could be anything from the history of your type of law, to unusual case law, to specific information that just applies to your state/region.
  • Spotlight on staff


  • Preventative care: many topics related to your area of expertise
  • Before and After (if appropriate, and with patient’s permission)
  • Specific information on each service that you offer
    • Ex: a cosmetic dentist might talk about restoration, teeth whitening, veneers, etc
      • Why they are needed, the process, the results, etc
    • Certifications and/or awards that your practice has received
    • Spotlight on staff

Retail Location

  • Featured products
  • Where your products come from (if applicable)
  • What makes your products different?
  • Short demonstrations on how to use a product/or pictures of someone wearing, using product with descriptions
  • Store promotions/specials
  • Spotlight on staff

And no matter the industry, there are some topics that are universal:

  • Customer testimonials, reviews, etc
  • Behind the scenes…give people a look at what they wouldn’t normally see.
  • Staff spotlights
  • Events/event spotlights

Before starting your blog, take some time to really think through who your customers are (or who you want them to be)—keep their interests in mind as you begin to compile your blog topics.

Get started, and start seeing results! And if you don’t have the time (or desire) to do this yourself, we can help!!  Contact Canary Office anytime at 877-222-6279 or to learn more.