You have your website set up, and have been posting to social media. But are they really helping you to grow your business and achieve your goals? How can you ensure that your message is being received, and that the information that you are providing is actually the information that customers need/want. That’s where analytics can help.

Today, we will look at Facebook Insights and Google Analytics.

Insights/Analytics allows you to see:

  • What page(s)/post(s) your customers are most interested in.
  • Demographics of your visitors.
  • Number of page views
  • Website: How long customers are staying on your page(s)
  • Website: Where the traffic is coming from (searches, redirects, etc)
  • Facebook: Impact of promotions/sponsored content
  • Much more!


Facebook is a great way to regularly reach your customers and potential customers. By determining which posts are the most successful you are better able to engage, and to grow your business.

When you are logged in to your Facebook company page, your home page will show you the number of likes and follows that you have, in addition to your post reach this week. Additionally, if you look at each individual post you can see the number of people reached, number engaged, and number of reactions and shares.

Your Facebook page offers a great tool called “insights”, which can be found on the top of your page, right under the main Facebook toolbar. Insights offers you a wealth of information—from page views to page likes to post engagement. It will also allow you to see a list of your individual posts, complete with vital information like reach and engagement.

Insights also allows you to see a breakdown of your fans and followers, including their gender, age, country, city, and language.


Google Analytics is free, but does require some initial set up—which is definitely worth your time. This article provides a great step-by-step guide (with pictures!) to help you get started ( Once you sign up for your Analytics account, you are provided with a tracking code that you then put on your website (typically in the header or footer)—this is not visible to visitors, but enables the tracking and analysis of all of the pages on your website.

Analytics starts by showing you activity in the last week, but also allows you to select the date range that you are interested in. It analyzes everything from the number of users, to the pages that they are visiting (and not visiting). It also includes your bounce rate, which allows you to see the percentage of single page visits to your site. If you are a single page site, this doesn’t mean much, but if you are trying to get customers to visit multiple pages, this will allow you to see if it is working. Additionally, you can see if customers are returning to your site multiple times.

Analytics/Insights can give you a better understanding of your customers and what they are most interested in, allowing you to better focus your attention on the things that work instead of wasting time on what doesn’t.

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