Allstate Roofing & More, LLC: A Case Study

Allstate Roofing & More, LLC (AR&M) is a busy exterior home improvement company that serves Rochester and Upstate New York. It has been in business over 10 years, and has had thousands of customers. With hundreds of appointments, proposals, and jobs each month, there was little time to devote to an online presence.

AR&M wanted to engage its current customers, attract potential customers, and ensure a consistent message and voice online.
Canary Office began working with AR&M in October 2017. After an initial meeting to talk through current concerns/challenges, goals, style, and to customize a package that met AR&M’s immediate needs, Canary Office got to work.
In October 2017, Canary Office started with Review Response, Customer Surveys, and Customer Testimonial Videos.

Review Response
Customers were leaving reviews for AR&M on Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, Facebook, and Google. AR&M would occasionally respond to these reviews, but typically only negative reviews and not on a consistent basis. They did realize, however, that potential customers were reading their online reviews, and a response from the business would go a long way to demonstrating that they do actually listen to, and care about, their customers. Additionally, negative reviews were standing unanswered that may have been resolved offline or may not be based in fact at all.

Canary Office went back six months, and responded to every review. We then continuously monitored new reviews, and responded in a timely manner. We regularly spoke with AR&M to obtain information about a customer and had AR&M review the responses (per their request), and then posted on their behalf.

Examples of Positive Reviews:
Customer: I had a problem with my Insurance company and my project manager, Austin, offered to meet with me and them the very next day. He got them to agree to re-evaluate my roof problem and they ended up insuring me much more money than they were originally going to provide. The crew was on time every day and worked very hard to get the job done, cleaning up every day, being cordial and attended to all my questions and needs. Very good crew!

Canary Office/AR&M Response: Thanks Rick! We are so glad that Austin was able to help with the insurance company and that you were happy with the crew and the result. We think our team is pretty great too, and it is so nice to get your feedback! Please let us know if there is anything that we can help with in the future.

Customer: Great group of People here at Allstate Roofing. Was referred by one of my good friends Dino Kay. This year was tough on roofs. We had wind damage and water leaking into our home that has now all been remedied and it looks absolutely beautiful. The installers were friendly and personable and we had a wonderful experience in a typically very stressful situation.

Canary Office/AR&M Response: Dean, that is so great to hear! This past winter/spring was not kind to roofs, or to homeowners. We are so glad that we could fix your roofing problems, and make this a good experience for you! You are now ready for the Rochester winter!

Examples of Negative Reviews:
Customer: After a lot of research and checking around my husband and I were really looking forward to working with Allstate to make some much needed improvements to our home. This included a new roof and driveway. Sadly, they did not deliver on the quality and customer service they promised. There is unsightly damage to our siding from the roof project that Allstate has deemed “acceptable” that we now have to get fixed. Our driveway is still not done correctly in spots. Phone call after phone call went unreturned to us. We were left in the dark for many months just waiting for updates as to when unfinished projects might be completed. If we did get a person on the line they promised a return call with answers, but never called. We take a lot of pride in our home and put a lot of money into these improvements. Unfortunately, in our experience, it was a very long and frustrating year dealing with Allstate

Canary Office/AR&M Response: Meghan, there is not a lot that we can say except we’re sorry. Our ultimate goal is always to make home improvement stress-free. In 99% of the homes we work on, this is the case. In yours, it was not. It was a very unfortunate set of circumstances that allowed this to happen. While we have now made changes to ensure that it doesn’t happen to another customer, it certainly does not change your experience. We hope that adjustments and credits have/will allow you to finally have the finished product that you should have received in the beginning.

Customer: I called to schedule an estimate, they could not schedule until 10 days later. The gentleman that came was very friendly and informative. He said I would receive the estimate via email in a day or two. One week later I still have not received the estimate. Just about a 3 week waste of summer weather to get the job done! I feel that hiring Allstate to this job would be a mistake.

Canary Office/AR&M Response: We apologize for any confusion around the estimate. Summer is the busiest time of year for all exterior contractors, which often makes that initial visit several days out from the initial call, except in cases of emergency. The type of work that you are looking to have done requires a little more time to get an appropriate estimate and we’re sorry if that was not communicated. Our team will be giving you a call shortly.


AR&M had previously sent out a basic survey to a small number of customers, but really wanted to gather information about their customers’ experiences on a larger scale. They wanted to track any trends in terms of negative experiences, and identify customers who had positive experiences.

Canary Office talked with AR&M to determine exactly what information they wanted to collect, and created a logic survey for customers. In addition to collecting responses to the questions, the survey also directed survey participants who indicated that they had a good experience to links to AR&M’s review sites to leave a review. Customers who indicated an average or negative experience were simply asked how the company could improve.

Canary Office used AR&M’s customer email list, and also offered entrance into a drawing for a $25 gift card as added incentive for customers to complete the survey.

Surveys were sent bi-weekly to new paid customers, and reports were sent monthly to AR&M. Any negative feedback was immediately sent to AR&M for review.

From October 2017-October 2018:

  • 802 unique customers received survey requests
  • 20% response rate to survey
  • 36% of new online reviews came as a result of the survey
  • 71% of new positive online reviews came as a result of the survey
  • In one year, the number of Google and Better Business Bureau reviews doubled
  • In one year, Facebook reviews increased over 40%

Customer Testimonial Videos
AR&M had completed several testimonial videos in the past, and found them to be very effective in engaging potential customers. Canary Office created NDAs for use during filming, as well as a standard set of questions for each customer. We drove to the customers’ locations, recorded the customer, took “B” roll footage of the work done, and edited. We incorporated “before” pictures into the video if readily available. After approval, we posted on AR&M’s Youtube channel and website.

Examples of Testimonial Videos

To date, there have been 182 unique views of our testimonial videos.

In May, 2018, AR&M asked Canary Office to expand its scope of work to include social media, blogs, and the company website.

Social Media:
AR&M had a Facebook page with several hundred followers, but the postings were sporadic—sometimes multiple times a month, sometimes nothing for several months. Canary Office worked with AR&M to develop a consistent posting schedule, and to determine exactly what kind of information AR&M wanted to share with their customers. Together, we also decided to incorporate Instagram (which had been set up, but rarely used). This plan allowed for AR&M to advertise specials, highlight the types of home improvement that they offer, direct customers/potential customers to the webpage, and keep followers interested with “fun facts”.

Social Media Stats, May 2018-October 2018:

  • AR&M’s number of Facebook followers has increased 28% over that same period last year.
  • AR&M’s number of Facebook likes has increased 32% over that same period last year.
  • AR&M’s number of followers has increased 9% total organically, using no Facebook or adwords ads.
  • AR&M’s number of likes has increased 7% total organically, using no Facebook or adwords ads.

Sample Posts




AR&M’s website did have a blog section, but had only three posted as of May 2018. Canary Office suggested blog topics based on conversations with AR&M. Through conversations with staff, as well as research, we put together a schedule of blogs that would directly appeal to AR&M’s customers. Blogs were drafted, and were reviewed by AR&M. We then posted on the website weekly, and highlighted on social media.

Blog posts not only provide information to customers and potential customers, but they also help to boost AR&M’s website in Google search rankings by continuously providing updates to the website. In fact, 58% of the blog views came from Google searches—which means that these are potential customers who may never have had contact with, or knowledge of, AR&M previously. From May-early October, 2018, a total of 26 blogs have been posted.

Sample Blog:

Are you thinking about a new roof? Let us help explain some of the common terms associated with your roof.

The main roof components:
Roof Deck: The base layer of the roof that supports the whole roof system

Drip Edge: This is most often metal and lays on the Roof Deck. The Drip Edge extends beyond your base layer and allows water to drip into gutters and off of the roof. It also prevents wind from getting underneath the shingles.

Ice and Water Shield: The Shield is self-adhesive and attaches directly to the drip edge and decking. While water could potentially get through your shingles, the Shield prevents it from getting to your roof deck. Water on your roof deck could cause mold and rot!

Underlayment: The Underlayment is an extra layer of protection against severe weather. Allstate Roofing & More, LLC manufactures and uses Dry-Deck, a breathable, water resistant underlay—which comes with a 50-year limited warranty!

Shingles: There are typically two layers of shingles—the starter layer which has a tar strip on the top of the shingle, and the top layer which has a tar strip on the bottom of the shingle. The tar strips adhere to each other for a double seal, which helps prevent wind from getting under and impacting the shingles.

Venting: Without proper venting, your whole roof system will collapse. Roofs each have a soffit vent which is an “intake” vent at the bottom of the roof, and a ridge vent at the top of the roof. This system allows hot air to go out the ridge vent, and cool air to come in through the soffit vent. Without good venting, in the summer shingles can scorch and glue can actually melt on the roof! In the winter, it could impact the heating bill at your home, and in the rainy season, lack of good ventilation can cause mold.

Additional Terms:
Eave: The edges of the roof that hang over the wall. Fascia and Soffit make up the eave

Fascia: A level flat wood or board that the gutters hang on. It is directly below the roof itself.

Soffit: The underside of your roof’s overhang.

Soffit Vents: Vents in the soffit that allow for fresh air to ventilate through the roof system.

Ridge: Basically the peak(s) of the roof.

Ridge Vents: Vents put into the ridge, and often covered with shingles that allows for hot air to vent out of the roof system.

Pitch: Essentially how steep your roof is.

Truss: The “skeleton” framework that supports the structure of the roof.

Tear-Off: Removing the components of an existing roof, all the way down to the roof deck.

Cedar Tear-Off: In many older homes, cedar shingles actually act as the roof deck. They are not water tight, as they have nail holes in them. Often, typical asphalt shingles are laid over the cedar (sometimes several layers of them), and the cedar can’t be seen. It is often very hard to tell if cedar shingles are a part of your roof without looking in the attic or crawl space at the underside of your roof. If cedar shingles are present, often they will be torn off, and a new roof deck installed.

We are always here to help! Contact us today at 585-400-7663 or for more information, or a free estimate!

AR&M’s website has thousands of views monthly. While the website did give a good overview of the company, and include reviews from customers, it needed an update. Canary Office rewrote website copy, created new pages and subpages for additional products/services offered, updated customer reviews, added a photo gallery, and reorganized the pages and order. Additionally, we interviewed each member of the AR&M team, using a Q & A format, to create updated and uniform team pages. View the website here.

Canary Office continually updates the website, and posts blogs weekly.

Canary Office is here to help your business too! Let us know how we can help you connect with your current (and future) customers!