Let your jobs and customers speak for themselves.

Why Do I Need Customer Testimonials?

Meghan is planning her wedding, and wants to make sure that she picks the right cake.  Cake is such an important part of her big day–not only the taste but the presentation as well–she needs to get it right.  In her research, she finds Will’s Bakery.  Prominently featured on the front page of the site are testimonial videos of happy couples, complete with pictures of their customized cakes.  Meghan picks up the phone and schedules a cake tasting for later that week.  She can’t wait!

Troy is in the market for a house painter. He finds a few on Home Advisor, and takes a look at their Facebook and web pages. Tricia’s Painting has many posts that include customer quotes and pictures of finished work. There are also several short videos of customers raving about the work, professionalism and pricing. Troy is sold!

What is the Customer Testimonial Service?

You can turn your satisfied customers into a marketing tool. Canary Office will create NDAs for use during filming, and put together questions for your customer.  We will drive to the customers’ location, record the customer, take “B” roll footage, and edit (incorporating photos and other media if available).  The finished video can seamlessly be incorporated into your website and social media.  We can also create social media posts and summaries of the video, complete with quotes, for online use and marketing materials.

How Does It Work?

  1. Determine which customers will be the best advocates for your brand
  2. Provide Canary Office with all relevant information, as well as any photo/media you might have
  3. We will conduct a 15-30 minute video interview with the customer
  4. We will take pictures and video of the customer.
  5. Depending on the options you select, we can:
    • Create a 3-5 paragraph write up of the job and testimonial
    • Provide a video (including testimonial and job images, if applicable) for use on your website and social media
    • Provide captioned photos for use on social media
    • provide Facebook posts with before/after pics AND/OR customer testimonial AND/OR contractor quotes
  6. See new business come in!


Sample Testimonial Videos:

Why Use the Customer Testimonial Service?

  1. Stand out from your competition
  2. Let your customers (and work!) speak for themselves
  3. No need to do it yourself
    • Receive site and social media ready text, posts, and video

How Do I get Started?

Call us at 872-2CANARY, email us at info@canaryoffice.com or fill out the contact us form. It’s that easy!

We look forward to helping you highlight your customers’ experiences.  Complete the form below to get started.

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