Reputation Management

Your customers’ experiences are impacting your business.  It’s time to be a part of the discussion.

What is Reputation Management? 

Reputation Management involves two services that are vital to your business:

  1. Surveys: Asking customers what they think, and encouraging customers who have had a positive experience to leave a review.
  2. Review Response: Monitoring your business’ online reviews across multiple platforms, and responding to both positive and negative reviews.

Why Do I Need a Customer Survey?

Alyssa and her staff specialize in men’s haircuts. Her customers are always happy with their cuts, but the business isn’t growing. After conducting a survey of her customers, she finds out that while the customers are happy with the cuts, they find the booking process cumbersome and the reception area to be mediocre. Alyssa had no idea! She is easily able to institute changes which result in great reviews and an increase in business. The next survey shows that customer satisfaction has risen by 8 points!

How Do Surveys Work?

  1. We design and create a logic survey for your customers.
  2. We email the survey to your customer list (if you do not currently have a customer email list, we work with you to build one).
  3. Customers who would recommend you to others are asked to leave an online review.
  4. Survey results are reviewed, and you are promptly notified of any negative/constructive feedback.
  5. Reports are sent on a monthly basis complete with survey statistics and feedback themes.

Why Survey Your Customers?

  1. Hear directly from your customers–no more guessing what your customers want.
  2. Find out what is going right in your business, and what needs improvement.
  3. Gain positive online reviews–the logic survey asks customers who would recommend your business to leave an online review and connects them directly to review sites.
  4. Turn a negative experience into a positive one–if a customer indicates they had a bad experience, you have the opportunity to contact them and make it right!

Why Do I Need Review Response?

Ben and his crew resurface driveways. He doesn’t have a website, but has a presence on Facebook and Home Advisor. Most customers find him through referrals, or online. Ben is especially busy in the summer, and really doesn’t have the time (or the desire) to monitor his online presence. Lately, he’s noticed that he is not getting as many jobs as he used to. When he finally looks online, he sees that his three most recent reviews are all one star! The reviews are customers complaining about sloppy work and poor service. They actually aren’t wrong. A new employee of Ben’s had done a very poor job, and had been let go. Ben thought that he had reached out to all of the impacted customers…but apparently not. Now, since these reviews are the most recent, they are the first that all potential customers are seeing (and they seem to be overwhelming the 100+ positive reviews).

Lydia is looking for someone to resurface her driveway. She searches Home Advisor, and finds several prospects. Ben and his crew look good, but on second glance, she sees three recent negative reviews and just doesn’t want to take the risk. She continues looking, and finds Erica and her crew. Erica has 50 reviews, and each and every one has an individual response to the customer. She does have a few negative ratings, but through her responses, Lydia can see that she has dealt with the issues. Lydia feels confident that Erica will be responsive to her needs, and will value her project. Lydia calls Erica to schedule the work

How Does Review Management Work? 

  1. We regularly monitor your online profiles.
  2. When a new review is posted (either positive or negative), we will craft a response.
  3. Depending on the options you select, we can post the response for you OR send you the draft response to edit.  You can then post it yourself, or we can.

Why Use Review Management?

  1. Save time
    • No need to constantly monitor your online profiles.
    • No need to draft responses to online feedback.
  2. Be proactive
    • Deal with issues before they escalate.
    • Show customers your company values by emphasizing them in your responses.
  3. Manage your reputation: reviews are often the first thing that potential customers look at when making purchase decisions.
    • Be as responsive online as you are in person.
    • Demonstrate that you value your customers.
    • A response to a negative review shows that you stand behind your work.
    • A response to a positive review shows that you appreciate your customers.

Review Response Samples (roofing contractor):

Customer: Great group of People here at Allstate Roofing. Was referred by one of my good friends Dino Kay. This year was tough on roofs. We had wind damage and water leaking into our home that has now all been remedied and it looks absolutely beautiful. The installers were friendly and personable and we had a wonderful experience in a typically very stressful situation.

Canary Office/AR&M Response: Dean, that is so great to hear! This past winter/spring was not kind to roofs, or to homeowners. We are so glad that we could fix your roofing problems, and make this a good experience for you! You are now ready for the Rochester winter!

Customer: After a lot of research and checking around my husband and I were really looking forward to working with Allstate to make some much needed improvements to our home. This included a new roof and driveway. Sadly, they did not deliver on the quality and customer service they promised. There is unsightly damage to our siding from the roof project that Allstate has deemed “acceptable” that we now have to get fixed. Our driveway is still not done correctly in spots. Phone call after phone call went unreturned to us. We were left in the dark for many months just waiting for updates as to when unfinished projects might be completed. If we did get a person on the line they promised a return call with answers, but never called. We take a lot of pride in our home and put a lot of money into these improvements. Unfortunately, in our experience, it was a very long and frustrating year dealing with Allstate

Canary Office/AR&M Response: Meghan, there is not a lot that we can say except we’re sorry. Our ultimate goal is always to make home improvement stress-free. In 99% of the homes we work on, this is the case. In yours, it was not. It was a very unfortunate set of circumstances that allowed this to happen. While we have now made changes to ensure that it doesn’t happen to another customer, it certainly does not change your experience. We hope that adjustments and credits have/will allow you to finally have the finished product that you should have received in the beginning.

How Do I Get Started?

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